Tuesday, December 23

Secret Elf- Days 11 and 12!

Well Today is the last day of the SA secret elf swap and the day of the big reveal! Here is my day 11 giftie. a little purse made out of an SU small box with yummy chipboard and other goodies inside! LOVE IT!

Here's my stash from day 12 from my elf- Lisa from Minnesota! Thank you so much my friend! I have truly enjoyed all of your handmade treasures! thank you!

I got a refillable water bottle from Minnesota, wild rice from Minnesota (who knew!), SU clips, yummy gingerbread AND an adorable ornament note! LOVE IT ALL!

Hope you ALL have a very merry day today!!!


RhondaG -the stampin' bunny said...

Gorgeous things oh Elf of mine!!! Glad you got great stuff...What you sent me certainly rocks! I ~love~ my scrapbook! Off to put pics on my blog now!

Kathy said...

What a super job your elf - Yay Lisa! did for you!

Paula said...

Great job Lisa! And Liz, I am glad you had as much fun with your gifts as I have had with mine!