Monday, December 15

Secret Elf Day 4 & some cute pups!

Morning all! today is Day 4 of the secret elf swap.. and my elfie did not disappoint! A very cute card box with two lovely cards inside.. and a cute 3x3 note on the outside. love it!

So I was making my bed with clean covers and I look over and my dogs are sharing a bed. They haven't done that since Bailey was little. I didn't catch 'em while they were cuddled up together.. but they are still in the bed together.. how cute are they! aah. I love having dogs.

have a great day all! thanks again Secret elf! :)


Anonymous said...

You pups are great!

This secret elf thing is so much fun!

Kathy said...

I LOVE all your secret elf gifts! Very cute! And speaking of cute - those dogs are just tooo much!