Monday, February 25

It's been awhile...

since I blogged! sorry! Apparently I have to go on vacation in order to have some free time to blog! I hope that changes in the future.

I am currently in sunny Arizona. We spent today at the zoo and golfing. It was a perfect day 73 and sunny... same tomorrow. (sorry.. don't mean to rub it in.... ok.. I admit it.. I am. tee hee!)
Yesterday was an equally fantastic day. We spent it at a course outside of Tuscon watching Tiger Woods win the Match Play Championship. Fantastic! It inspired my sister so much.. she played like a champion herself today! Here is a picture of the sunrise on the way to Tuscon. It's a bit blurry.. but you get the idea.. beautiful!

The Arizona Wildlife Zoo was quite interesting as well. Lots of animals and birds that I had never seen before. AND Nancy got to feed the giraffes! How uber COOL is that!

Tomorrow there are massages on the agenda.. and a little shopping for my sister and I! woo hoo. I mapped a few scrap and stamp stores in the area so I can't wait to check them out and get cool papers to scrap this vacation. I'll report back with my finds!
sorry.. no paper or paws in this post.. but I promise. You'll see some soon!

Friday, February 1

It's a SNOW DAY!

Woo hoo! lucky me! It only took 10 inches of snow to close the office so we can stay home! So the dogs and I are enjoying the day at home. We shoveled a bit this morning (along with Nan). Once we were all snow covered, we headed back inside for some treats.. hazelnut coffee for me, a cookie for them. Now they are all about the naps and I am ready to stamp! I’ll try to post my stamping results later.

But for now, here are the girls playing out in the snow. The first picture is Bailey getting ready to tackle ME in the snow. She's in her.. "I'm ready to pounce" pose. The second is Nina and Bailey wrestling. It's their favorite thing to do in the snow. Have a good day! Liz