Monday, February 25

It's been awhile...

since I blogged! sorry! Apparently I have to go on vacation in order to have some free time to blog! I hope that changes in the future.

I am currently in sunny Arizona. We spent today at the zoo and golfing. It was a perfect day 73 and sunny... same tomorrow. (sorry.. don't mean to rub it in.... ok.. I admit it.. I am. tee hee!)
Yesterday was an equally fantastic day. We spent it at a course outside of Tuscon watching Tiger Woods win the Match Play Championship. Fantastic! It inspired my sister so much.. she played like a champion herself today! Here is a picture of the sunrise on the way to Tuscon. It's a bit blurry.. but you get the idea.. beautiful!

The Arizona Wildlife Zoo was quite interesting as well. Lots of animals and birds that I had never seen before. AND Nancy got to feed the giraffes! How uber COOL is that!

Tomorrow there are massages on the agenda.. and a little shopping for my sister and I! woo hoo. I mapped a few scrap and stamp stores in the area so I can't wait to check them out and get cool papers to scrap this vacation. I'll report back with my finds!
sorry.. no paper or paws in this post.. but I promise. You'll see some soon!


Diane said...

Hey Liz -- sounds like you're all having a great time in AZ! You missed another snow storm her -- I'm sure you're really sad about that!

Have a great time but take care not to bring any of that warm sunny weather back home with you -- I am quite enjoying this year's winter and am not ready for spring yet!

p.s. tell Nan I'm so jealous of her feeding the giraffes!